Annweiler am Trifels

Annweiler am Trifels was first mentioned in records in 1116 as a small town with 7.000 inhabitants located in the Rhineland - Palatinate on the southern wine route. After Speyer, Annweiler is the second oldest town in the Palatinate located in the south of the biosphere reserve oft the Palatinate Forest. This woodland is the largest contiguous forest area of Germany. Not far to the west lies France, whose Alsace department neighbours the Rhinland-Palatinate.


Three rocks - three castles

Three landmarks of Annweiler are perched atop hills south of the town. The Trifels Castle sits on a red sandstone hill called the "Sonnenberg". Nearby are two castle ruins - Anebos and Scharfeneck, which is also known als "Münz".


The Richard Lionheart Festival

Since 2005 Annweiler`s historic town center, with its attractive timbered houses and the wildly romantic river Queich, form the backdrop for the annual Richard Lionheart Festival. This medieval spectacle sees many locals dressing as knights and in other period costume to bring the festival to life. The event has become enormously popular, being by far the largest of the town`s events.

Annweiler´s Office of the Tourism offers diverse tours and individual planned activities to help you explore the attractions of the town an the sourrounding area. More informations about the Trifels Castle and the development of the town can be obtained by visiting the Museum under the Trifels at the Schipkapass.